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Freedom Leisure Cycle Supply (PG0307574-P)

Address: 155, Victoria Street
10300 Georgetown
Mobile: 016-4529848 / 016-4837229
GPS Coordinate: 100.337509 5.412868

Freedom Leisure Cycle Supply provides bicycle rental services in Georgetown, Penang. We rent and sell all types of unique bicycles, including Japan classic City bike, folding bike, Tandem Bike,Tricycle,Children bike and family bicycle,Helmet, LED Light.We provided Penang Georgetown Street Art Map, bicycle lock and Penang Famous Museum’s Discount Voucher.

We also supply Cotton Candy services for event parties.

自由休闲脚车供应是一间位于乔治市内的一家脚车出租中心。我们出租和出售各类型脚车,包括日本古典脚车、折叠脚车、三轮休闲脚车,儿童脚踏车,亲子脚车和双人脚车, 自行车头盔, 自行车尾LED闪灯。我们还提供槟城壁画地图和博物馆优惠券。


Since year 2012, we cater our bicycle rental services to a lot of tourists who came to visit Georgetown and search for street arts in the economic, environmental-friendly and convenient method. Taking part and supporting the Penang First Cycling Treasure Hunt 2013 has proven that we are passionate in encouraging cycling activities in Penang.

Come and join us to spend a meaningful weekend!